Growing up in a family obsessed with Bollywood movies, dancing has always been an art form that I have admired, even though I don’t have a single dancing bone in my body haha but so wish I did! Luckily, my daughter has been an avid Bollywood student since she was 4 years old and through that, I have been able to capture not only her, but many of her teachers and dancemates at their recitals. I was even asked to photograph a beautiful young lady who had completed her classical dance training and was about to perform her bharatanatyam arangetram.
It was such an honor and her dance moves were so incredibly graceful and exquisite! Seeing these dances in person is always so awe inspiring and I can only hope to capture their essence and beauty. Every culture has its own variation of dance and each is as beautiful and intricate as the next! I’d be honored to capture you in your best dance form given the opportunity.

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