Our children grow so quickly, but we as adults are ever changing as well. Getting family pictures taken is one more way to forever preserve your memories and reflect your family’s growth. I always have moms who say they aren’t ready to be in pictures for one reason or another. My response to that is your child will not care how you looked but rather that you were there with them! We are always our own worst critic but our children see us for the beautiful people we really are, inside and out. When I do family pictures, I want it to be a fun, carefree and memorable experience where you are yourselves with your loved ones, true and authentic. When they grow up and look back at those pictures, I know they will remember those times fondly. Seeing how small they were next to you or how you held them in your arms…those are memories for you AND them!

In order to get to know you, I will send you a questionnaire about you and your family. Once I receive that I will follow up either via email or a phone call so we can further discuss your expectations, ideas and goals for your family session. Preparation and communication are the keys to a successful session, so please be sure to share all of your ideas and, even any concerns, with me before time.

On a personal note, I recently did a project with my own parents and kids. We all got together and did a fun photoshoot. I had the kids ask their grandparents questions about their lives and their own childhood. It was such a special experience where I even learned a lot of things about my parents that I didn’t know before. And best of all I was there to capture it all and gift my parents those images. Whether it be immediate family or grandparents or whomever has made your life special, be sure to have those portraits taken to look back on forever.

Price: Packages starting at $500. Contact me for more info

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